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What is Account ID

Account ID is essential and required when you join Zoozira. The account helps you save the scores that you gain in the game as well as identify you when you enter the game's special programs and events.
Important Note: Account ID is permanently tied to your wallet account. You cannot change the wallet address of your Account ID once connected. We do not support cases where the player loses their wallet, has their accounts hacked, or for other reasons wants to change the wallet address for their ID Account. Therefore, please secure your wallet and ID account safely.

How to create a Account ID?

It's easy to create a ID account. Open Zoozira on a mobile device or a PC > select Register and fill in the email address > click Send code to create an account. It takes a few seconds to receive the registration code in your email (if you haven't seen it yet, you may need to check the Spam mailbox). Enter the code > Create Account.

How to delete my account?

Please consider carefully! You will lose the assets in your account after deleting the account.
The steps to delete the account include opening the game on the device > selecting the Setting icon > selecting Delete Account, and confirming.

I lost my account

Keep calm! You need to click on 'Lost My Password' and provide your registration email. The password recovery information will send to this email address. Follow those steps to recover your account.