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Zoo System

Our game features a system where you can showcase various animals and earn coins based on how much they can produce. It's important to keep them fed and collect coins, while also taking care of them t

Animal Exhibit

In this game mode, you can select up to 15 animals from your inventory to showcase and earn coins based on how much they produce. You can add or remove animals at any time. they will always start in a "Sleeping" status

Animal Status

Sleeping - Animals will not move or do anything while they sleep, and will wake up after 30 seconds. Once they wake up, they will be hungry right away.
Hungry - Animals will wait for food. If they do not receive food, their status will not change. If they do receive food, they will eat it immediately.
Eating - Animals are currently eating and it will take them 30 seconds to finish. Once they finish eating, they will be ready to harvest immediately. Ready
Harvest - Animals are ready to be harvested and will give coins as specified. If they receive a bonus from the staff, they will receive it at the same time as being harvested. After being harvested, the animals will sleep immediately.
Sickness - Animals will enter a sick state and wait for the medicine to be given. After receiving medicine, they will need to wait for 30 seconds before being able to work again.

Animal Sick

Every animal that works together every 3 hours will randomly get sick with a 20% chance. If they do get sick, they will need to be given medicine by the player only.

Staff System

Select up to 5 staff members per type to take care of the animals. The staff will automatically take care of the animals, and players can see which staff member is taking care of which animal.
In the zoo, there are staff and animals. Each staff member will automatically take care of the animals by matching them in order of high bonus staff with high bonus animals first, based on the number of staff members available.
  • auto feeding with animal status "Hungry"
  • auto collecting with animal status "Harvest"


The tourist just for the fun of seeing the different colors of the game. It has no impact on the game.