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In addition to the in-game coin system, Zoozira also offers various features and enhancements to enhance the players' gaming experience. These include different add-ons and unique elements that provid

Bingo :

feature for players to have a chance to win various items and prizes. You can join and have a chance to win rewards every day. As for the format and how to play, I will leave it for now and will not spoil it for you.

Auction :

Auction Feature: Within our game, there will be auctions held for animals, staff, and various items. Players can participate in these auctions to buy and sell items at the Marketplace. It's certain that the future ahead will bring a bustling market for buying and selling items.

Marketplace :

The Marketplace of the Zoozira game is the most interesting NFT buying and selling platform at present! Here, you will find unique and high-value cards and items that have an impact on the price and popularity of the products in the market.


Upgrade your animals with the ignite feature by using items and other animals to increase their stats. Different items may be needed depending on the desired stat upgrade, such as high-quality supplements to increase strength or herbal remedies to increase toughness.